Your ideal partner for outsourced projects and tasks.

  Our moto: Excellence, quality and customer
  • DotNet 1.x – 4.x (C#, Vb.Net, ASP.Net)
  • SQL Server 200x - 2012
  • WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation
  • MCP - Microsoft Certified Proffesional
  • Brainbanch Certified
  • Silverlight
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Office

We specialize in developing custom software solutions using Microsoft technologies:
DotNet 1.x – 3.x  (C#, Vb.Net, ASP.Net) SQL Server  200x - 2012 Silverlight Microsoft Sharepoint Office

Why consider us:

  • Microsoft   and   Brainbanch   certificated
  • Internationally recognized (US, Germany, UK, Australia…)
  • Over 20 years international experience
  • Highly skilled and university educated team members

  • Some facts about us:
    • EXCELLENT English speaking and writing skills almost like mother language :-)
    • Super reachable and contactable (email, phone, skype, MSN, Lync...)
    • Strong US, German, UK, Australian references (which we can provide on demand)
    • Microsoft certified
    • European company
    • Excellent VS200x - 2012/C#/VB.NET 4.0 skills
    • Strong MVC, MVVM, MVP skills
    • Very good command of Silverlight & WPF development
    • Fantastic DB skills (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access...)
    • Admin like skills in IIS configuration
    • Straight away availability